Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring Is In The Air!

Here in Kansas the weather has been phenomenal!

 The last several days have been in the 50's. It has given me Spring Fever beyond belief! So, I have been thinking about my garden and canning and came across alot of great information.
When getting ready to can again I decided next year I really need to have a plan.

First I needed to ask myself, what do I want to preserve this year? So, I started a list of questions.
What was popular last year?
What is still sitting on the shelf now?
What was best received as gifts last year?
What was a major pain the butt to put up?
Ta-Da a list of what we are going to can this year. Then there are the items that you know you will not repeat. Many jars of uneaten applesauce that were done because when the kids were smaller they absolutely loved applesauce.
Have your list of Must Have's, mine may include
Salsa ( about 1000 quarts!)
green chilies
apple pie filling
Most important - Have a Plan 
We will garden with a purpose, of course for us to eat but we are not going to grow a years supply of turnips if we don't eat turnips!
Alot of people can and preserve all summer for their families needs for the next winter. Not many people actually can out of necessity. When it comes time to can or process food that we have grown make sure you reserve time for it. Mark it on the calendar, and don't let anything else get in the way. Invite friends or neighbors over and do it together. Maybe host a canning party!

Also before your canning project make sure you are well prepared, have all your items readily available and well stocked beforehand.

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