Friday, November 26, 2010

Ernie Miller Nature Center - Olathe KS

Last weekend Diana and I took Spencer, Andrew and Chase out to one of the local county parks to get out of the house for a while. It was a nice day (brisk and cloudy) to go hiking and look at some nature. We all practiced some tracking which turned out pretty successful. Spencer found a deer in some scrub oak while he was tracking out ahead of us. It was fun to make some memories with the boys.

Diana and the boys

Brian and the boys

Heading up a trail

Beaver pond

Diana and the boys cresting a hill

We saw some monkeys

Spencer is quite an outdoorsman

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Fun

Pictures in the Park
Diana took the boys to an area behind the hospital where she works one afternoon and took some pictures that she could could use as "school pictures" since they are so expensive. I think she did a great job! Jordan was working (as he very often does) and did not participate in any of these events. We wished that he would have been able to, but he is almost 18 and that just isn't cool anymore. He is still a great kid though.

Chase (8)

Andrew (12)

 Spencer (14)

The Three Amigos

Halloween was pretty successful for the boys this year. They participated in the "Trunk-or-Treat" activities at the church and went trick-or-treating as well. They made out like bandits and still have candy laying around the house, which I enjoy as well. The boys were pretty creative in putting their costumes together, as you will see.

Spencer picking out a pumpkin

Andrew, Diana, and Chase carving pumpkins  




Andrew (part two)

Court of Honor
November started off with a Court of Honor in which Spencer and Andrew both earned several awards. Spencer earned several merit badges and is close to getting his Eagle rank. Spencer is also a member of The Order of the Arrow, which is the Boy Scouts honor society. Andrew earned several merit badges and his Star rank. Both he and Spencer are on track to earn their Eagle Scout awards pretty early. We are very active in scouting and the boys love it!

Andrew receiving his Star rank as Diana and I look on

Art Show
Chase was selected as a featured artist in the annual Olathe Elementary Schools Art Exhibit. There are only a few students selected each year and their art is showcased at the school district offices for several weeks. The event is kicked off with a public reception for the artists, which was very well attended on opening night when we went. We enjoyed refreshments and some pretty incredible art, which lined the hallways in nice frames. Chase is pretty talented and we were very proud to support him on his big night. He was very excited!

Chase posing with his artwork (oil pastel)