Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day / Spencer's 14th Birthday

Recently my posts have been the rantings of a sports mad man and I know that everybody is not a sports fan, my wife included! So, Diana and I have decided to dedicate this site to our family and the special events surrounding us as a family. You will notice a new look and feel from here on out. In the beginning this was a project that I started to keep my family updated as to what the boys were doing, but I kind of got away from that and went my own direction. Diana and I will both be making posts and hopefully you will all continue to check in from time to time. We do appreciate the comments.

This post is dedicated to my wonderful wife Diana, my mother Connie, and to Diana's mother Cheronne

"Another Mother's Day is here, Bringing joy and pleasures new. On this special day, Mother Dear, I want to remember you. I cannot give you costly gifts, And I've told you this before, No matter what I give to you, You give back much, much more. I'm giving you a pure, sweet rose, Gathered in the early morn, This rose you planted in my heart, The day that I was born. In kindly, loving thoughts of you, And with the faith you still impart, The rose I give to you today, Is the love that's in my heart." - author unknown

Today is Spencer's birthday and he was asked to speak in church. He included this poem and did a great job!

Happy Mother's Day Diana

Ever since Kathy introduced me to Diana I have loved her. She is the rock in our relationship and has always been a great mother, wife and friend. We have been together for 15 years and have four wonderful boys. If you stop and think about it, family is the greatest gift of all, and that is not possible without mothers. Thank you for all that you do sweetheart. I love you, and the boys love you. Happy Mother's Day! - Brian

Happy Mother's Day Mom

It's funny when I think back to when I was a child and realize that some of the happiest times were with my mom. We (my siblings and I) had a special relationship with mom because the hardships we endured brought us closer together. After our parents divorced, the six of us kids lived with mom in a small town and times were very tough. Mom worked two, sometimes three, jobs to support our family and she worked herself ragged. Kathy and I did what we could to help but we were still in school and couldn't do as much to help as we wanted to. Sometimes we lived in the dark, or without water, but mom always found a way to take care of us. I look back now that I have kids of my own and sometimes have to wipe away the tears. I can't imagine how scared and discouraged she must have been. But, we were okay because she was our mom, and mom's can do anything! Mom was our rock growing up and did the very best that she could. I love her for that! Over the years we have all drifted apart and don't keep in contact like we should, but we are getting better. I love you mom! -Brian

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Mom, I just want to say thanks for everything! No matter our situation when growing up, even when you were a struggling single parent, you always made us feel good about ourselves. I appreciate how upbeat and positive you have always been and for making me feel like a little princess as a child. You never complained about our situations and I appreciate your example. Most of all, I appreciate the fact that you are always YOU and I love you for that. Love, your little naner bug Diana.


Happy 14th Spencer
We Love You!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Visit from Brandon & Emily

Brandon and his family stopped by for a couple of days on their way home to Minnesota from Utah after visiting family there. We hadn't seen Hazel yet so it was fun to see her, as well as how big their other kids have gotten. It was a nice visit.

Anna, Brandon, Hazel, Emily, Emma, Ivy and Isaac

Preparing to leave our house

Chase, Anna and Emma

Visited the Liberty Jail Visitor's Center in Missouri while they were here