Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making Your Own Mixes

I have learned so much through all my research and trial and error in making my own baking mixes, spice mixes, meal mixes, etc. Most of these mixes are made from the long term food storage ingredients we are asked to store. What a great way to use and rotate our food storage and have nice homemade mixes for our families without all the additives, preservatives and other mystery ingredients whose names we cannot pronounce.
This mix below is equivalent to 9 cans of cream soups - WOW! What a space saver for one, and it's fat free! Not to mention that it costs a quarter of what it would to buy the cans already made.
There are so many places to find out how to make your own mixes. Tons of blogs, recipes,etc. My favorite and how I got passionate about making my own mixes came from this wonderful book (old I know) my mom had laying around the house when I was a preteen.
Well, when I was learning more and had lost or misplace LOL this great cookbook I had to try to find it. It was out of print but I discovered that they reprinted it and it is updated with newer pictures. I fell in love again! This is what the new  one looks like

Pretty isn't it! Well, this book has so many great ideas incorporating those long term food storage ingredients - without even knowing it. Check it out! From homemade white sauce mix, to brownie mix to freezer mixes.

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  1. Trust me, the authors of this book were very aware of incorporating the long-term storage ingredients into their mixes! My sister-in-law is one of the authors and still uses and promotes the book to use with storage ingredients! I love the books too...check Amazon.com and you can get it!