Tuesday, February 7, 2012


When trying to incorporate or spice things up in the food storage world something alot of people ask are - Do you use powdered shortening, powdered peanut butter, cheese? Yes, I do! I love most of them too. Two favorites of our family is the instant powdered refried beans from the LDS Cannery and powdered cheese mix.

They are both easy and fun to experiment with in food storage. We all know about "cheese powder" the stuff we find in the boxed macaroni and cheese or in the cheesy potato mixes. Yes, that stuff! Well you can buy that stuff in a #10 size can (smaller or bigger if you like too). Many places carry it - Emergency Essentials, Auguson Farms, Honeyville Grain, American Spice, etc. It is readily available. We use it regularly because if I am not going to be able to have refrigeration my kids are still going to want some "orange stuff" Yes there are different qualities as well so do some research. I bought some from a bulk food company and then later bought some from another company and could really tell a difference between the two.
Here are some recipes to try with the Cheese Powder

Cheesy Popcorn- Pop popcorn and while still hot and coming out into the bowl lightly spray with a butter spray and lightly sprinkle with the cheese powder.
Don't worry more recipes to come using this - I am short on time this afternoon. :)

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