Sunday, March 6, 2011

Use it UP, Wear it OUT, Make it DO or Do WITHOUT

Two key elements to being truly frugal are:
Make it last longer & Use it all up
Use your things sparingly. See how you can stretch them to make them last even longer.
Dilute shampoo and conditioner with water. It’ll still work just as good and last twice as long! (Don’t try this on the cheapest brands though, it doesn’t work well on them.)
Use less than the recommended amount of detergent in the dishwasher and washing machine.
Only use a pea size amount (like instructed) of toothpaste instead of a whole glob!
Lightly dab on moisturizer instead of saturating your face with it.
And use it all up, completely.
For example: toothpaste is pretty expensive (in my frugal mind). So when we get low on toothpaste, and the tube has been squeezed as flat as it possibly can be squeezed, I don’t stop there. Realizing that there is probably a little more paste still inside, I cut the tube down the side and… BEHOLD! There’s always a bunch of toothpaste still sticking around inside. So, I just scrape some off onto the toothbrush, and put the cut tube into a Ziploc baggie to keep it fresh. It usually lasts for another week and a half!
What else can you squeeze the last drop out of?
Swish water around in containers like shampoo/conditioner, liquid laundry detergent, dish detergent and such. Shake up your empty chocolate syrup container with a little milk, to get the very last bit of chocolate out before you toss the bottle. Cut open tubes of products, and be amazed at how much more stuff is hiding inside!
So, before you throw something away, see if there might be at least one more usage out of it. The savings really add up!

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