Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Drip Catcher for our Camping Jug

Well last weekend was our church's father and son campout and Brian wanted to used our jug and mix Gatorade in it. I buy the powder in bulk so it is very economical. I knew that our jug dripped a little but it seems to drip just a little bit more for a few seconds after getting a drink. I had seen somewhere I can't remember probably pinterest LOL someone made a holder for their sponge on the kitchen faucet with an old shampoo bottle. So, I tried it for a drip catcher for our jug. I thought it turned out quite well. Sorry there is no pattern, I totally eyeballed it!

I had to rig it with tape too because I made the circle too big to go over the spout.
Here is one more picture, a different angle.

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