Sunday, January 22, 2012


Did you know that if you combine rice and beans in a meal it could replace the need for meat or other protein? Rice and beans each contain certain amino acids that, when combined, form a complete protein. Great news because if you are in a crisis situation and can't get into the grocery store to get meat you can combine these two - RICE and BEANS!
If you have Rice and Beans along with the basic ingredients for making flat bread or tortillas you can make burritos by replacing the filling with rice and beans for meat and using bottled salsa. You could eat this everyday if you had to!

Did you know that Rice is a staple of about 70 percent of the world's population? It is one of the most versatile and compatible foods in the world. Rice, when dried can be stored for many years, which makes it perfect for long term storage.
I recommend you store it in either 1 gallon containers or 5 gallon buckets with tight fitting lids. Rice will keep if stored properly for 15 + years.

If you have six people in your family as I do then you will need 36 gallons of rice for a years supply or 6 -6 gallon buckets.

So...this month let's work on storing Rice!

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