Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Family Photo Album #1 / Mission Pictures

I am working on a project for my boys and this post is the first of four parts. It is a family photo album that is broken into specific sections. I am doing this mostly for my boys but I hope everybody will enjoy it and that it will bring a smile and some good memories along the way.

I served in the Indiana Indianapolis Mission from 1986-1988 and it was the best time of my life! I served in Linton, South Bend, Frankfort, and Cumberland (Indianapolis). I was also able to be a District Leader and Trainer which gave me some incredible experiences and great friends.

The MTC - Provo UT 07/86

Me and my MTC companion Elder Klein - Provo UT 07/86

My first night in Indiana w/ Sis. Geri Lamb and Pres. Mardon Lamb - Carmel 07/86

Scared new Elder

The mission home in Carmel, Indiana

Me and my trainer Elder Massengale - Linton 07/86

Our car in front of the Linton chapel

Conducting business in the "pit" (apartment) - Linton 12/86

Cataract Falls - Greencastle

Me and Elder Simpson, winners of the Zone Conference dirty car contest - Bloomington 11/86

Grotto on Notre Dame campus - South Bend 02/87

Notre Dame campus - South Bend 02/87

Me and Elder Fabiano - South Bend 02/87

Me and Mandy. We taught her family in Linton. They came up to see me - South Bend 03/87

Notre Dame campus - South Bend 03/87

South Bend 03/87

Me in front of our apartment (upstairs on right) - South Bend 03/87

Lake Michigan - Michigan City IN 03/87

Conducting business in the apartment - South Bend 04/87

Me behind our apartment (upstairs) - South Bend 04/87

A platoon of "God's Army" at All Mission Conference. (l to r) Elders Owens, Makin, Minnick, Poulsen, Gowans (my comp) and me - Brownsburg 05/87

South Bend 05/87

Me and Elder Gowans - South Bend 05/87

Napping on the couch. Note that the other Elders placed an ice cube and cup of water on my rear end. It was a wet wake up call - South Bend 06/87

TCU gave Joseph Smith a credit card - South Bend 06/87

Me with Elders Minnick and Makin - South Bend 06/87

Me and Elder Gowans at a dinner appointment - South Bend 07/87

Me and Elder Bedke burning a suit on "Hump Day" (one year point) - South Bend 07/87

Waiting for a bus - South Bend 07/87

It's my turn to do what? - South Bend 07/87

Frankfort 11/87

(l to r) Elders Black (my comp), Howard, Helton, me, Wright - Lebanon 11/87

Me and Elder Black on Purdue University campus - West Lafayette 11/87

Waiting for a phone call - Frankfort 12/87

Me and Elder Lords - Jefferson 12/87


Me and Elder Black - Lafayette


Outside our apartment - Frankfort 12/87

Me and Elder Lords at Christmas Conference - Warsaw 12/87

Me with Pres. and Sister Lamb at Christmas Conference - Warsaw 12/87

Leaving the IMS. Our mission got to go see time trials - Speedway

Johnny Rutherford @ IMS - Speedway

Johnny Rutherford in pit row - Speedway

Me with Pres. Lamb and Elder Carmack (Q of Seventy)


Me with Joey (a boy we taught) and Elder Belnap - Cumberland

Our street after an ice storm - Cumberland

Indiana Capitol - Indianapolis

Downtown Indianapolis


Christmas Day - Frankfort 12/87

Cumberland 02/88

Me and Elder Markham - Cumberland 04/88

Me with Elders Markham and Skousen. I found out that Elder Skousen and I were related in that we both had a great-grandpa Redd. Kenneth Redd is mine, and his brother George Redd is Elder Skousen's. Small World! - Carmel 07/88

Me and Elder Minnick. We had to pose by this sign because I was being teased about my brown shoes with black slacks! - Carmel 07/88

Flying home to Mesa after completing my mission. By the time I was approaching Phoenix I was already missing Indiana - Phoenix AZ 07/88

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