Friday, February 5, 2010

Family Photo Album #2 / Parents and Grandparents

Several parents and grandparents served in the military, but I was unable to obtain pictures of all of them in uniform so I would like to recognize them now. We appreciate their service to our country.

Arden Allen, USN
Constance Allen, USMC
Kenneth Allen, USMC
Michael Colbert', USAF
Seymour "Sy" Colbert, US Army
Cecil "Bud" Crabtree, USAF
Ralph Pelkey, US Army / USAF
Theodore "Ted" Reilmann, USN
Carl Self, US Army
Joseph Self, US Army

These pictures are in random order
Lucy Foutz

Carol Needham

Rella and Kenneth Redd

Carl and Alice Self

Ted Reilmann

Ralph and Mary Pelkey

Lorraine and Connie Reilmann

Arden Allen

Doris and Arden Allen

Ralph and Ladonna Pelkey

Bud and Mary Crabtree

Mary Crabtree, Irene Colbert and Ladonna Pelkey

Sy Colbert

Ted and Lorraine Reilmann

Arden and Doris Allen

Elder Arden Allen and Sister Doris Allen, Georgia Atlanta Mission

Ken Allen

Ken Allen (with Jordan and Spencer)

Michael and Cheronne Colbert'

Cheronne Pelkey

Connie Reilmann

Connie Allen

Cheronne and Michael Colbert'

Joe Self

Michael Colbert'

Ken Allen

Connie Reilmann

Connie Reilmann

Cheronne and Michael Colbert'

Cheronne and Michael Colbert'

Michael Colbert'

Cheronne Pelkey and Joe Self

Cheronne and Michael Colbert'

Charles Fradenburg and Connie Reilmann

(back) Ren, Sandra, Kenneth, Connie, Lynn
(front) Doris and Arden Allen

Meet the parents/grandparents

Arden AllenBrian's grandfather (father of Ken Allen)
Constance (Reilmann) AllenBrian's mother
Doris (Redd) AllenBrian's grandmother (mother of Ken Allen)
Ken AllenBrian's father
Cheronne (Pelkey) Self Colbert', Diana's mother
Irene Colbert, Diana's step grandmother (mother of Michael Colbert')
Michael Colbert', Diana's step father (dad)
Seymour "Sy" Colbert, Diana's step grandfather (father of Michael Colbert')
Cecil "Bud" Crabtree, Diana's step grandfather (married to Mary Pelkey)
Mary (Kie) Pelkey Crabtree, Diana's grandmother (mother of Cheronne Colbert')
Lucy (Craig) Allen FoutzBrian's great-grandmother (mother of Arden Allen)
Charles FradenburgBrian's great-grandfather (father of Lorraine Reilmann)
Carol Needham, Brian's great-grandmother (mother of Ted Reilmann)
Ladonna Pelkey, Diana's step grandmother (married to Ralph Pelkey)
Ralph Pelkey, Diana's grandfather (father of Cheronne Colbert')
Kenneth ReddBrian's great-grandfather (father of Doris Allen)
Rella (Cluff) ReddBrian's great-grandmother (mother of Doris Allen)
Mabel Lorraine (Fradenburg) Reilmann, Brian's grandmother (mother of Connie Allen)
Theodore "Ted" ReilmannBrian's grandfather (father of Connie Allen)
Alice Self, Diana's step grandmother (married to Carl Self)
Carl Self, Diana's grandfather (father of Joe Self)
Joseph Self, Diana's father

This is just a small group of pictures. I don't have pictures for every member of our families but I hope these were enjoyable.

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