Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh my aching back!

Disclaimer: Not my real butt crack. Stunt butt crack was used.

As most of you probably know I have been battling chronic back pain, including knots in my back, for several years and at times it has been crippling. This past week it had gotten pretty bad so Diana made me a doctor's appointment and made sure that I went (I don't like going to the doctor). My doctor was very thorough in that I received a physical, pain killer shot, x-rays, blood work, and a urinalysis. All of this was done on site so it was very tolerable. When the films came back the doctor looked at them with me and showed me that I have arthritis in my spinal column. What? Arthritis? I'm too young for that! The doctor also let me know that the knots are the result of soft tissue damage due to the arthritis. I have to admit that I was a little shocked at the news, but relieved that the mystery has been solved. I was given a prescription for pain killing patches to wear on my back and an order for physical therapy. With the exception of migraine headaches, my back pain has been the most debilitating pain that I have had to endure. It is nice to know that there may be some relief in sight. I am also a little angry at myself for not getting this addressed several years ago, like Diana wanted me to. I am just stubborn I guess, like most men when it comes to doctors. Maybe that's why we don't live as long as the ladies. Some doctors are like auto mechanics though. You go in for one thing and wind up getting more than you bargained for. That's why I didn't like going to doctors. Fortunately I now have a great doctor. Here's to your health!

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  1. Of course you went - I said to! LOL I am so glad you did though, maybe you can start to be a little more comfortable. Love ya - My Ol'Man LOL