Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring is here.....Finally!

Today was such a beautiful day that we decided to visit a few of the local parks. We made stops here in Olathe and then drove to some of the smaller towns just south of us (Gardner, Edgerton and Wellsville). I also realized after looking at these pictures that I was wearing the same shirt and jacket that I was wearing during our visit to the zoo in Omaha. Once again, Jordan was spending the day with his girlfriend and then had to work (Pizza Hut) so he wasn't with us.

Frisco Lake Park, Olathe


Chase, Spencer & Andrew looking for bugs and such

"Are those sea monkeys?"

Chase showing his treasures to mommy

Chase showing me that he can stand on water

Andrew & Chase bustin' a move

"Look Andrew, there is water in this lake"

Diana & Chase noticing that the lake is full of water

"Evel" Chase Allen

Spencer doing the duck walk?
There is a duck on the rocks in front of him

Navy Park, Gardner/New Century

There are some old Navy jets parked on the grass

Air Raid! Chase & Spencer running for their planes

Chase can't find his plane!

Looking through the air intake at Spencer & Andrew

I decided to give them pilot nicknames
Chase "Energizer" ~ Spencer "Thumper" ~ Andrew "Shooter"
There are reasons behind the names :)

Top Guns


Santa Fe Lake Park, Edgerton

"Where is the lake?"

Spencer can't find the bridge

Chase watching a train go by

Andrew at the Edgerton City Jail

The "Biz-oys"
Spencer, Chase, Andrew & Omaha shirt guy

Wellsville Elem. School, Wellsville

The "Monkey Brothers"
Spencer & Andrew



A gorilla on the monkey bars

Spencer & Diana spinning themselves silly on the tire swing

The "Wedgie Wheel"

Spencer doing his screaming girl impression


Happy Easter everybody

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  1. HAHAH Too cute! And I didn't even notice you were wearing the same shirt. LOL