Monday, April 5, 2010

College Road Trip

Diana and I recently took Spencer, Andrew, and Chase (see previous post concerning Jordan) to some more local small towns to look around and we ran into a couple of universities along the way. So, we decided to get out and take some pictures. Diana and I were impressed at how good some of them turned out. There are some very pretty areas in Kansas believe it or not. Enjoy!

Baker University - Baldwin City KS
Baker is a private Methodist affiliated university and home of the Wildcats

Spencer, Chase and Andrew

Diana and the boys

Diana and Brian

Looking at tadpoles

Mr. GQ - Andrew

Me and the boys

Diana wanted this to be a serious picture but I messed it up. Sorry honey!




Diana (the wind was blowing her hair)

Spencer, Chase and Andrew

My Boys

We also ran across this park while driving around

Ottawa University - Ottawa KS
Ottawa is a private Baptist affiliated university and home of the Braves

Andrew, Spencer and Chase

Looking for directions

Diana and the boys

The boys without Diana :)

Andrew performing the safety dance?

Go Braves

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