Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Back (part two)

Man, has it been that long already since my last post? I think I am adjusting to working overnights now and I am feeling alot better so that is good news. Since the last post a lot of things have happened and I hope that I can remember everything. Here goes.....We spent Thanksgiving with Diana's family and there was a house full. Everybody was there except for Jeremy and his family. Daniel and Jamie flew in from Philadelphia and Steven recently returned from his mission in Idaho so he was there too. Between Tamara's family and our family, we supplied the children and most of the noise. Jordan finally bought a car ('93 Ford Thunderbird coupe) and he is pretty proud of it. He drove to Wichita for Thanksgiving to be with his family there. Spencer is pretty close to getting his Eagle and Andrew just got his Tenderfoot badge. Chase is pretty excited to be a Cub Scout on his next birthday. Jordan has a girlfriend and spends most of his time with her, and Spencer has a little girlfriend in our ward and they go on group "outings" once in a while. It is funny to watch the boys grow up and all of a sudden take a liking to the ladies. It has snowed here within the past week and is very cold. Nothing like Utah in regards to snow, but the cold here is much more brutal. It is a very wet, bone-chilling cold! Diana is still doing great at her job and now spends a couple of days at a clinic in another city each week (same clinic, different location). I am still working overnights at the juvenile detention center and have not yet got my heel looked at. I am managing the pain for now along with reocurring cluster headaches. My body is not aging well. Good thing I am so handsome! :) We are now getting ready for Christmas and Diana just downloaded a bunch of pictures into our computer (yes, we now have a computer!!!) and I will put a bunch on a new post this week. That is about it in a nutshell. Keep in touch and have a great Christmas!


  1. You guys have a great holiday too! I'm so glad you are staying true to your word and updating your blog. Hope you get feelin' better!

  2. It was good to hear from you. Thanks for keeping in touch. Have a great Christmas! :)