Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to school

(Back: Andrew, Jordan, Spencer; Front: Chase)

This past Thursday Andrew and Chase started school and they were very excited to get there. Andrew is in 5th grade and Chase is in 2nd grade this year. They did pretty good for being the new kids again. They made a lot of new friends, but Andrew had a head start because he participated in a special school chorus before school even started and got to know several kids from there. Chase is a social little guy so he had no problems making new friends. Their school, Briarwood Elementary (Bears) is a very nice school and much smaller than they have been used to so that made it easier for them to make friends too. Spencer is in 8th grade and started school last Friday. His school, Frontier Trail Junior High (Jaguars), is behind Briarwood so he is close to his brothers. Spencer is on the football team and starts practicing tomorrow. He got his equipment last week and is very excited to play. This is his first year of playing football, but he knows the girls like that (greeaatttt). Frontier Trail is a great school too. They have two gymnasiums and a very nice pool. Plus, both of these schools are just down the street from the house. We have been impressed with the schools, including the staff. Jordan got here yesterday from Wichita and started school today. Diana and I took him to his school, Olathe South High School (Falcons), this morning and finished getting him registered. Jordan is a Junior this year and his school has an enrollment of about 1400 students, but was used to about 5000 at Davis High School in Utah. Jordan got enrolled and then just kind of got absorbed into the masses. He acted like he had been there all along. He was so calm and collected! So now everybody is in school and seems to be adjusting just fine. Hopefully they won't have to be the brand new kids again for a long time. They will however be making some changes in the district next year that will affect Andrew and Spencer. Next year the 6th grade will be in the Junior High and 9th grade will be in the High School. They are loving that because it makes them feel older.

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